Attempted Rapist Shot Dead in Cork 1921

#OnThisDay 1921 ‘‘An officer stated he was walking down Military Hill about 9:30 p.m. on the 13th March. When he got to Charleville Road, he heard a woman shouting, “Help, help.” He ran in the direction of the scream. He heard a shot fired, and when he got further on, he saw [the] accused [soldier] escorting a woman back. Her hair was rather dishevelled. He did not think she had a hat on. The [accused] sergeant said to [the] witness—“Look out; there’s a man with a gun at the corner. They had got hold of this woman.” Witness went back to the corner but didn’t find anything. He went back to [the] accused, who said the woman was on the ground, and that he told the man [Michael Joseph Murray] to put up his hands; that the man drew back and put his hand into his pocket, so that he ([the] accused) fired a round at the man. . . . Witness did not think he (accused) had killed the man. Next morning he heard about it [i.e, Murray’s death]. Witness reported the matter to the military police.’ A woman claiming to have been the victim of an assault by Murray gave evidence in favour of the accused soldier, and he was acquitted’.


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