Bloody Sunday Evening: Three Men shot by Auxiliaries ‘while trying to escape’ from Dublin Castle. 1920

#OnThisDay 1920 in the evening of Bloody Sunday three men were taken prisoner in Dublin Castle, tortured & shot while ‘trying to escape”. They were Peadar Clancy (L), Dick McKee (R) & Conor Clune. Both Clancy & McKee were active IRA members but Clune was not. Clune was a translator who was in the hotel where the Clancy and McKee were picked up.

Bloody Sunday Afternoon: Black and Tans, Auxiliaries and RIC shoot into crowd at Croke Park killing Thirteen. Dublin 1920

#OnThisDay 1920 Bloody Sunday occurred. Roughly 100 members of the Auxiliaries & RIC fired over 200 rounds into the crowd at Croke Park. 13 killed including Tipperary Captain Michael Hogan & 3 boys who were aged 10, 11 & 14. Jeannie Boyle was 25 & due to be married in 5 days died that day too.

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Bloody Sunday Morning: Michael Collins’ Squad assassinate British Intelligence Officers in Dublin 1920

#OnThisDay 1920, at 9:00 Michael Collins’ Squad killed 15 men in Dublin city, most were British intelligence officers. The retaliation from the British Authorities led to the Bloody Sunday shooting in Croke Park later that day.

(Pic: Not the Cairo gang, possibly the Igoe gang but most likely members of F Coy Auxiliaries. They are:

  • 1. Dentith R. ADRIC no1017 Wounded 14 Mar 1921
  • 2. Fletcher A F. ADRIC no890 . The IRA have him down as Irish and he was Irish
  • 3. Moore F. ADRIC no 1393. The IRA have him down as Irish and he was Irish
  • 5. Dove C B. ADRIC no667
  • 6. Appleford L.G. ADRIC no589 – Section Leader from 2 Dec 1920, shot 24 Jun 1921
  • 7. Gorman H F ADRIC no 625
  • 8. Winch A. ADRIC no 888 – later Intelligence Officer F Coy from 2 Jul 1921
  • 9. McClean D F ADRIC No 588 , CQM from 2 Feb 1921, which would have been S/L grade
  • 10.Stapley G.A. MM, Section Leader from 2 Oct 1920. ADRIC No 33
  • 11. hidden behind the group).

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Brigadier General Patrick Jones, New York Lawyer, born in Westmeath 1830

#OnThisDay 1830 Brigadier General Patrick Jones was born in Westmeath. Jones moved to New York & despite being poor and poorly educated, became a prominent lawyer. During the American Civil War he joined the “Irish Rifles” as a private & quickly rose through the ranks. He was so effective he was promoted to Brigadier General after taking part in Sherman’s March to the Sea.

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BGen Patrick Henry Jones