Michael Collins accepts ‘Surrender’ of Dublin Castle from British Authorities 1922

#OnThisDay 1922 Michael Collins (X in pic) accepted the handover of Dublin Castle. The seat of British power in Ireland for centuries had finally been taken. The last time Collins was in the Castle, he was disguised as a coal carter with a price on his head.

Three Anti-Treaty IRA Men executed in Dundalk 1923, leads to shootout with National Army 1924

#OnThisDay 1923 Three Anti-Treaty IRA men were executed for illegal possession of arms in Dundalk. When their bodies were released to the public in 1924, the IRA fired a volley over their graves & the Free State Army present returned fire. One man was killed. #Ireland #History


The Gallipoli Campaign Ends 1916

#OnThisDay 1916 the last British troops left the Gallipoli peninsula ending that doomed campaign. The Munster & Dublin Fusiliers were the first to land & over 3,000 Irishmen died there over the next 9 months. Of the 1,012 Dubliners who landed in Gallipoli, only 11 remained unscathed. The 1st Battalions from the Dublin & Munster Fusiliers has to be amalgamated because they suffered so many losses. Their name was changed to the “Dubsters”. Pictured are men from the Royal Irish Fusiliers trying to set a trap for an enemy sniper from their trench in Gallipoli.

#Ireland #History #WW1

Irish Gallipoli