Death of Aristocrat-Turned Republican Gobnait Ní Bhruadair 1935

#OnThisDay 1935 Gobnait Ní Bhruadair died. Born Albinia Broderick, daughter of the Anglo-Irish aristocrat Viscount of Midleton.

At 42, Albinia, a staunch unionist (her brother lead the Irish Unionists campaign against Home Rule), moved to Ireland & changed completely.

She joined Cumann na mBan & Sinn Féin, changed her name to Gobnait (after a 6th century saint), supported the Rising, helped the Volunteers, had her house raised by Black and Tans, sided against the Treaty, was shot & imprisoned by Free Staters, went on hunger strike and survived. She also set up a hospital in Kerry but it closed after funding ran dry.

An incredible lady who cannot be summarised in this post.


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