Captain Edward Hamerton Kennefick KIA at Somme 1916

#OnThisDay 1916 Captain Edward Kennefick from Clonmel, was Killed in Action at the Somme while serving in the Essex Regiment. Edward was the son of the late Dr. Kennefick, M.D., and Mrs. Kennefick, Auburn, Clonmel, and grandson of the late General Hamerton, C.B. His death in action with the Essex Regiment furnishes a remarkable martial record amid all the tragedy of the war. General Hamerton spent all his military life with the Essex—the old 44th— Regiment. He served with it through the Peninsula, and commanded it at Waterloo, and his only surviving daughter, Mrs. Kennefick, has the battle-stained colours under which the 44th fought on that historic day. Edward’s brother was also killed in 1918 serving in the Essex Regiment.

Captain Edward Hamerton Kennefick

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