Charles Davis Lucas First Recipient of the Victoria Cross 1854

#OnThisDay 1854 Midshipman Charles Davis Lucas from Armagh, was aboard the HMS Hecla during a battle at sea against the Russian navy in the Gulf of Bothnia during the Crimean War. The attack was against an enemy who outgunned them with over 100 guns compared to 38 between the Hecla, Odin and Valourous. when a live shell landed on deck. Lucas picked up the shell with burning fuse & threw it overboard saving many lives. He was immediately promoted to Acting Lieutenant.
For this, he was awarded the first ever Victoria Cross medal in 1857. On the train back to his home in Scotland, Lucas left all his medals including his new Victoria Cross in the carriage and had to be send a replacement one without the engraving on the back.
Lucas finished off his naval career as Captain before being promoted to Rear Admiral on the retired list.

Charles Davis Lucas VC

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