Lt. Frank Teeling, gets 18 months for Manslaughter, Dublin 1923

#OnThisDay 1923 Lt Frank Teeling shot & killed William Johnson in Dublin. Teeling had been one of Collins’ Squad, had killed Lt. Peel on Bloody Sunday, was captured & sentenced to death but later escaped from Kilmainham Gaol in a famous breakout. Teeling’s alcoholism had started getting the better of him. Earlier in the Irish Civil War, he shot a Sergeant Major dead but was not guilty of any crime, given his mental condition. The State had gathered money together for Teeling just days before he shot Johnson, to send him to start a new life in a different country but he committed this crime before they got it to him. In the end, Teeling got 18 months for manslaughter. #Ireland #History

Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 00.16.46

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