The Irish Brigade at the Battle of Gettysburg 1863

#OnThisDay 1863 The Irish Brigade fought at the Battle of Gettysburg. Lead by Galway born Colonel Patrick Kelly, the already much depleted brigade lost 198 of 532 troops engaged, or 37% of total soldiers, but still held their ground at the Wheatfield.


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  1. David you should do a pod cast about the story of the “Catholic Sisters that severed during the Civil War 1861-1865. I would be happy to join. We could talk about how these Sisters, 12 Religious Orders, 21 Religious Communities, well over 600 individuals help and served on both sides of this conflict. Not to mention saying the Catholic Faith in the Americas for the Catholic Church. Give it some thought. Recommend you read ‘ Nuns of the Battlefield”, written by
    Ellen Ryan Jolly, LLD, ISBN 9781162989518, by Kessinger Publishing.

    The original book was published in 1929, a First Edition is a bit hard to fine. You will soon realize that the majority of these Nuns (Eighty Five Percent out of the 600 plus that served were born in Ireland, and another ten percent were 1st Generation, and Second-Generation Irish Americans). They also help secure the “Irish” in America, during a time when everyone in American would not hire them, or work with them. After all, 200,000 Irish-Americans (And a great numbers of them were from Ireland, were recruited from Ireland, and were also 1st and 2d Generation Irish Americans. There are over 46 Million American that are of Irish decent,
    Good luck on your website, and Pod Casts, you have a story to tell and we need to remember these heroes from Ireland today, and from the past.
    Remember: The importance of a Seanchai, you have a gift pass our history on to others and touch the lives of so many.
    Michael Ferrill, LTC, USA, (Retired)

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