Hugh McGinnis, Wounded Knee Massacre Participant Born Down 1870

#OnThisDay 1870 Hugh McGinnis was born in Co.Down. The last survivor of 7th Cavalry, present at the Wounded Knee Massacre. “Soldiers of the 7th cavalry massacred in cold blood Indian men, women & children. I still awake from nightmarish dreams of that massacre.”

“The pitiful wailing cries of babies & children mixed with the dull explosions of the old fashioned Hotchkiss machine guns rent the cold air. The sickening thuds as these big lead bullets smashed into the body of a baby or a child, arms & head all flying in different directions. The screams of mothers as machine gun bullets tore their bodies apart. The curses of the ‘Indian’ warriors, fighting machine guns and cannons with old muskets, knives, and tomahawks, being cut down in rows by demon-crazed white soldiers.”

A dark part of our history.


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