Civil War Executions, Curragh Camp 1922

#OnThisDay 1922 Seven IRA men were executed in the Curragh Prison, Kildare. They had attacked the FS Army’s supply lines, trains&shops in the area. An 8th man was shot “while trying to escape” the night of their capture. Three of the seven were still teenagers.

There names are:

• Stephen White (18) Kildare

• Joseph Johnston (18) Kildare

• Patrick Mangan (22)Kildare

• Patrick Nolan (34), Kildare

• Brian Moore (37), Kildare (Leader of the column)

• James O’Connor (24) Tipperary

• Patrick Bagnall (19) Kildare

2 thoughts on “Civil War Executions, Curragh Camp 1922”

  1. Hello David, Shane McElhatton from RTE here, I was wondering what the source was for the photo of the six men executed in the Curragh in December 2022. I’d like to reproduce it in a blog.


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