BLOODY SUNDAY: RIC & Auxiliaries Kill 14 Civilians in Croke Park 1920

#OnThisDay 1920 Auxiliaries & RIC fired into the crowd at Croke Park. In ninety seconds, 14 people were killed including Tipp footballer Michael Hogan & three boys aged 10, 11 &14. Jane Boyle 26, due to be married 5 days later, was also killed.

The dead are:

Jane Boyle (26), Dublin

James Burke (44), Dublin

Daniel Carroll (31), Tipperary (died 23 November)

Michael Feery (40), Dublin

Michael ‘Mick’ Hogan (24), Tipperary

Tom Hogan (19), Limerick (died 26 November)

James Matthews (38), Dublin

Patrick O’Dowd (57), Dublin

Jerome O’Leary (10), Dublin

William Robinson (11), Dublin (died 23 November)

Tom Ryan (27), Wexford

John William Scott (14), Dublin

James Teehan (26), Tipperary

Joe Traynor (21), Dublin

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