The Niemba Ambush 1960

#OnThisDay 1960 An Irish UN Peacekeeping patrol were ambushed by Baluba militia at Niemba in the Congo. Nine Irishmen were killed, 8 in the ambush but Tpr. Browne escaped but was killed soon after. These were the first overseas combat deaths of @defenceforces.

The deceased are:

Lt. Kevin Gleeson, Carlow
Sgt. Hugh Gaynor, Dublin
Cpl. Peter Kelly, Dublin
Cpl. Liam Dougan, Dublin
Pte. Matthew Farrell, Dublin
Tpr. Thomas Fennell, Dublin
Tpr. Anthony Browne, Dublin
Pte. Michael McGuinn, Carlow
Pte. Gerard Killeen, Dublin

25 Balubas died.

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