Confederate Brig. Gen. Patrick T. Moore Born in Galway 1821

#OnThisDay 1821 Brig. Gen. Patrick T. Moore was born in Galway. Moore moved to the States in 1835 & joined the militia soon rising to the rank of Captain. By 1860 Moore was living in RIchmond and along with his family he owned five female slaves. Moore wasn’t the only Irish man who owned slaves. Damian Shiels has done great work highlighting several Irish Confederate officers who owned or had close familial links to slavery.

During the Civil War, Moore was wounded in the head three days before First Battle of Bull Run which removed him from field duty. He then served as A.D.C. for the Confederate Generals Joseph E. Johnston & James Longstreet. He survived the war and lived out his days in Richmond, VIrginia until he passed away in 1883.

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