CSM Martin Doyle VC 1918

#OnThisDay 1918 CSM Martin Doyle from New Ross, extricated his surrounded company of men, carried wounded officers to safety & singlehandedly took an enemy MG post & prisoners. He was awarded the Victoria Cross. He later joined the IRA as an Intelligence Officer in Clare. He later joined the National Army during the Civil War and served for nearly another three decades with them before retiring.
Though most of his career was spent in the Irish Defence Forces, Doyle was buried in his British Army uniform with his British Army medals and achievements on his gravestone.

VC_348, 3/5/02, 1:39 pm, 8C, 5404×4672 (735+2670), 138%, low contrast 8, 1/30 s, R73.7, G54.2, B72.9 Doyle, M

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