Colonel Thomas Cass Dies from Wounds 1862

#OnThisDay 1862 Colonel Thomas Cass, from Laois, died of wounds suffered at Malvern Hill (along with 166 of his men). Cass was the founder & commander of the 9th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, an Irish-American unit nicknamed ‘the Fightin Ninth’.

On June 26, 1862 the Ninth Regiment fought in the Battle of Mechanicsville, which was a Union victory and saw the death of 2000 Confederates. The Fightin Ninth also held the bridge at the Battle of Gaines’ Mills.

At the Battle of Malvern Hill on July 1st, Cass stood in the line when the Ninth repulsed several Confederate charges. He was hit in the face however and removed from the field. The second in command, Acting Lieutenant Colonel Hawley took over but was also wounded so command to the unit fell to Acting Captain O’Leary.

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