US Army Specialist Michael Faherty from Galway Dies 1968

#OnThisDay 1968 US Army Specialist Five Michael Faherty, from Galway, died from a malarial disease he contracted in Vietnam. Michael Noel Faherty, a native of County Galway, Ireland, immigrated to the United States and joined the army from Boston April 20, 1966 to take his basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. He took his Advanced Individual Training in Motion Picture Photography in the Fort Monmouth School Brigade from 28 July until 19 December 1966 when he took leave before going to Vietnam. He arrived in Vietnam 4 Feb 1967 and was assigned to Headquarters Company, United States Army, Vietnam.. During his service in Vietnam, he contracted blackwater fever, a complication of malaria. He went home to Galway on compassionate leave to be with his widowed mother when he was diagnosed with malaria & shortly passed away. He is buried in St Josephs Cemetery, Galway City.

Michael Noel Faherty

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