The Rev. Donal Vincent O’Sullivan Chaplain to R.I.R KIA at Somme 1916

#OnThisDay 1916 The Rev. Donal Vincent O’Sullivan, a professor of Theology from Killarney, was killed in action during the attack on Bouzincourt at the Somme, He was killed by a shell, which exploded beside him as he as a Chaplain was giving the Last Rites to a wounded soldier (who survived the war). Rev C.T. McGuinness of the 76th Ambulance Brigade wrote that Fr O’Sullivan was quite fearless and would face any danger to give the sacraments to the wounded and dying. O’Sullivan was the chaplain to 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles but seconded to the Loyal North Lancastrian Regiment at time of death. Half of the chaplains that went to war never came back.

Chaplain 4th Class The Rev. Donal Vincent O'sullivan

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