Battle of Ovidstown, Kildare 1798

#OnThisDay 1798 The United Irishmen led by William Aylmer lost 200 at the Battle of Ovidstown just outside of Kilcock, Kildare.
Lieutenant Colonel Irwin, commander of the Trim Garrison, had marched from that town the previous night to engage the rebels at the head of around 400 men. Realising that a significant military force was descending upon them, Aylmer and John Doorly quickly arranged their army of around 4,000 men at the foot of Wiley’s Hill. Some of the rebels lined the hedges on both sides of the road and fired on Irwin’s advance guard. These were soon cleared by the infantry, but due to the unevenness of the ground and the enclosed areas on it, the cavalry and the 2 field pieces could not detach for some time. A pike attack failed, the rebels were cleared out of their positions & then fired upon by two artillery pieces with grapeshot.
The battle turned into a rout as the cavalry charged down the fleeing rebels, many of whom escaped into the bogs nearby.


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