The sinking of the SS St Patrick 1941

#OnThisDay 1941 The SS St. Patrick, was sank by the Luftwaffe 12 miles out from Fishguard port. The SS St Patrick was a passenger ferry on the Rosslare to Fishguard line. The German bombs hit the fuel tanks and the ship exploded in two. 30 of the 50 passengers were killed including 17 year old John Joe Brennan from Wexford. Brennan’s father Mosie died a year previous on the St Patrick when strafed  by a German plane’s machine-guns.
The SS St Patrick was a joint owned ship, owned by Rosslare and Fishguard, but it sailed under a British ship which made it an enemy vessel in the eyes of a Luftwaffe pilot.
Another father and son to perish on the ship was the Captain Jim Faraday and his 20 year old son Jack. Jack had worked hard to save many of the passengers in the water but when he tried to rescue his father, both of them drowned.

Saint Patrick

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