The Battle of Ballynahinch 1798

#OnThisDay 1798 The United Irishmen in Co. Down were defeated at the Battle of Ballynahinch by Crown forces. This battle had started on the evening of the 12th and continued in to the night.
Munro did not wish to have an early morning attack on the Crown camp as he though that unchivalrous. The Crown forces came upon the rebels in a two pronged attack. The Irish could not stand the withering fire from cannon and musket and began to flee.
The Crown troops followed the masses and burned over 50 houses & killed hundreds of the rebels, most famously Betsy Gray. She had her hand cut off before they beheaded her.
U.I. leader Munro was captured after being sold out by a farmer whom he paid to keep his whereabouts a secret. On the 15th, he was  hanged in front of his house in Lisburn.


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