Lt Thomas Keane IRA executed in Limerick 1921

#OnThisDay 1921 Lt. Thomas Keane C. Coy 2nd Batt Limerick IRA was executed for levying war & possession of arms without any sufficient evidence. He was at the scene where some troops were fired upon but did not have a weapon in his possession, could not be identified as the shooter and a fully loaded revolver was found in a bush (which meant even if it was his, he was not fired at). No evidence of him levying war was possible either as they could not prove he killed or maimed any persons.

It was expected that he would be reprieved so a plan to break him out of jail by IRA Volunteers in British officer uniforms was shelved.

He was 34, married with two kids & a third on the way.

At the funeral, the Black and Tans arrived & beat the mourners.

thomas-keane Limerick

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