Kevin Barry & Dublin IRA Raid King’s Inn 1920

#OnThisDay 1920 Dublin IRA raid King’s Inn, holding up the British soldiers garrisoned there. In the 8 minute raid the IRA took 25 rifles, boxes of hand grenades & 1000s of rounds of ammo. The main prize was 2 Lewis machine guns, one carried off by Kevin Barry.

“At 3.50pm on Tuesday June 1st, the operation began, and by 3.58pm it was all over. The squads entering from Constitution Hill came in and locked the front gates, while the Henrietta Street squad entered the side door of the building, with Jerry Golden, well known to the British soldiers as a striking law clerk, ostensibly playing the role of a prisoner held at gunpoint by the IRA. They entered the guardroom, catching the occupants by surprise, and held them against the wall at gunpoint, while they made off with 25 rifles, several thousand rounds of ammunition, and some boxes of hand grenades. The main prize, however, was two large Lewis machine guns, one of which was carried out of the building by an ecstatic 18-year-old Kevin Barry.

Five months later, Barry was executed for his role in the King Street ambush. He was the first Republican to be executed since the Easter Rising.


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