The Battle of Three Rocks & the Capture of Wexford 1798

#OnThisDay 1798 United Irishmen rebels ambush Meath Militia at Three Rocks in Wexford. The U.I kill or capture 90 & take two howitzers. A follow up cavalry charge is made by the Crown Forces a little later but is beaten back, one of the leaders of the charge, shot off his horse.
The United Irishmen then take Wexford Town. In an attempt to stall the rebels, the military commander of the town sent peace envoys to talk about a deal. Meanwhile the garrison in Wexford town secretly and hastily withdrew to Duncannon Fort, looting & burning and killing on their way.
The United Irishmen now hold all of County Wexford with the exception of a handful of toeholds that the Crown Forces occupy.


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