Thomas McEver killed by Black and Tans despite their propaganda 1921

#OnThisDay 1921 Thomas McEver was killed & left on the roadside in Dunmore, Galway with a cardboard sign around his neck saying  “Convicted Spy. Traitors beware. Executed by order of the IRA.”
But the problem with this was that McEver, a pharmacist’s assistant from Kinsale, was a member of the Volunteers, an Irish language enthusiast and an ardent supporter of the IRA.
It turns out that the Black and Tans had singled McEver out after he shouted at them to leave his country. The Black and Tans took him out of the house he was boarding in, dragged him face down on the road behind a truck before shooting him ten times and dumping his body with the false note attached.
This sign was part of the psychological warfare that they played with the locals. They wanted to let everyone know that nobody as safe from their wrath. The locals were abhorred by this act but knew McEver was not a spy. The local IRA commander confirmed this, even had a mass said for McEver and the priest confirmed it too.
Another sad chapter in this heartbreaking tale was that McEver had recently proposed to his girlfriend Tess Murray after a whirlwind romance. Tess lost her hearing when she was told the devastating news.

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