The Arrest of Lord Edward Fitzgerald 1798

#OnThisDay 1798 Lord Edward Fitzgerald, an Irish aristocrat, soldier, politician & leader of the United Irishmen was shot by Major Sirr during his arrest while evading authorities in Dublin. Fitzgerald had already overpowered Major Swan & stabbed him with a dagger, Swan fled from the room. Major Sirr arrived on the scene with 6 soldiers of the Dumbarton Fencibles & keeping a safe distance shot Fitzgerald in the shoulder.
Fitzgerald died 2 weeks later in Newgate Prison.
His location revealed by Francis Magan who told the ‘Sham Squire’ Francis Higgins, who was editor of Dublin Castle’s favourite paper, the Freeman’s Journal. Higgins received a £1000 reward for that information to which he was meant to give £300 to Magan but never did. Magan eventually tried to sue but because of the secrecy of the case, he was paid off with £500.

This meant that the 1798 Rebellion had lost its talismanic leader.


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