The SS Aud leaves port bound for Ireland 1916

#OnThisDay 1916 The SS Aud (Really the SS Libau) left Lubeck, Germany on its ill-fated journey for Ireland to supply the Irish Volunteers with arms for the Rising. In its cargo hold it had in the region of 10,000 1891 Moisin-Nagant rifles, 10 machine guns and half a million rounds of ammo for the weapons. This is an approximate map of their days long journey to avoid detection. The Aud was intercepted by HMS Bluebell of the Royal Navy on the southern Irish coast & escorted to Cork harbour. Just outside the harbour the German commander, Captain Spindler scuttled the ship to avoid the weapons falling into British hands. He and the crew became prisoners of war. 

#Ireland #History

Route of ship Aud 400

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