Arnon Street Massacre, Belfast 1922

#OnThisDay 1922 RIC & Ulster ‘Specials’ murdered 6 Catholics in Belfast. They smashed ex-sailor Joe Walsh’s head in with a sledgehammer & shot dead his 7 year old son (both in pic). His 2 year old daughter & 14 year old son were also hit but also survived.

Others who were killed included :

  • William Spallen aged 70, he had just returned from his wife’s funeral. His wife had been murdered a few days earlier. According to Mr. Spallen’s 12 year old grandson, who was with him at the time, the killers stole the £20 he had on him to pay for her funeral.
  • Bernard McKenna aged 42 killed in his home, he was the father of 7 children.
  • John Mallon aged 60
  • John McRory shot in the kitchen of his house.

Wounded in the same incident were:

  • Brigid Walsh, aged 2 years old,
  • Michael Walsh, aged 7 years,
  • Frank Walsh, aged 14 years
  • Kathleen Austin, aged 18 years


Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 01.32.58

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