Sir Phelim O’Neill Hanged, Drawn & Quartered for Treason in Dublin 1653

#OnThisDay 1653 Sir Phelim O’Neill was hanged, drawn& quartered for treason in Dublin. He was implicated in the massacre of Protestants during the 1641 Rebellion.He could have avoided death by saying he had Charles I’s commission for the uprising but he didn’t.  He refused to do so because he realised that it might later be held against his wife and heirs. Offered another last minute reprieve if he admitted to a royal commission, O’Neill said;
‘I thank the Lieutenant General for his intended mercy, but I decale good people before God and his holy angels, and all of you that hear me, that I have never had any commission from the King for what I have done in levying and prosecution of this war, and I do heartily beg your prayers, all good Catholics and Christians, that God be merciful to me and forgive my sins.’

#Ireland #History


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