German U-Boats deliver distraught sailors to Dingle, Kerry. LIFE magazine cover 1939

#OnThisDay 1939 Kapiten Werner Lott & German Submarine U-35 landed 28 Greek prisoners west of Dingle, Kerry after intercepting their ship, the Diamantis, which was bound for the UK with nearly 8000tonnes of coal on board. The Germans signalled for the Diamantis to follow them but they did not, so the Germans fired a warning shot with their bow gun to ensure their orders were followed. Instead, the Greek sailors get into their lifeboats in the rough seas and within minutes were capsized. The Germans got them out of the water, fed them, dried their clothes and took the to Ireland. This affair made the cover of Life Magazine. Lott returned to Kerry in the 1980s.

#Ireland #History #WW2

Life Magazine U35

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