The Second Battle of Sabine Pass 1963

#OnThisDay 1863 At the Second battle of Sabine Pass, Galway-man Lt. Richard Dowling delivered one of the most one-sided victories to the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. Dowling & his 47 Irish-Texans (Jefferson Davis Guards) prevented 22 Union ships & 5000 troops from landing in Texas. They did this by managing to control the waterway with six old smoothbore cannon and well trained gunnery marksmanship, pounding the ships as they came into range. They sank two ships, the Clifton and Sachem, took 350 prisoners and large supplies of arms and ammunition.
They were awarded the Jefferson Davis Medals and were the only medals of honor issued by the Confederate government.
However, this victory was neither tactically nor strategically advantageous to the CSU once the Union took control of the Mississippi. 

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Richard Dowling